Gul Panag could teach Bipasha a thing or two

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Gul Panag just returned to Mumbai from Toronto, and she used this trip to learn a bit about the custom rules at the Mumbai International Airport. After all many actresses such as Bipasha Basu, Anushka Sharma, Minissha Lamba have been detained at the airport in the recent past for non-declaration of goods!
Well, Gul has returned to Mumbai wilth some information… The lady was shocked to find that a ‘polite custom official’ at the Mumbai airport asked her if she had anything to declare. When Gul said no, he didn’t even check her bag, and this left the actress wondering… She wrote on her micr-blogging site: When I asked the custom officer why he didn’t scan my bag,he said ( after last f “high profile” cases) people are expected to self declare. So chat with MIA Customs Officer confirmed what I thought:- bags are scanned randomly & unless tipped off or ‘profiled’ – like world-over (sic).

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