Gul Panag goes back to school

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Not many know that Gul Panag, who has been an actor in Bollywood for nearly a decade now, is still a student. She has recently completed a masters (MA) in Political Science from Panjab University, and plans to pursue further studies. Gul feels that besides adding credentials to her professional qualifications, a higher degree also helps her understand society in a better way. “I feel that the most contemporary subjects that are useful, and one can study to understand day to day life, are Political Science and Sociology. There comes a point in life where it’s not about just seeking a degree to implement it for some work, but about the fact that it helps you understand the environment you live in a little better,” says Gul.
But, the accomplishment of this educational endeavour took her a long time. “I had completed my first year five years ago. And, after a long gap, I finally took a firm decision to continue my studies. I am extremely happy with my grades. I believe that the process of learning should never stop,” says Gul. Talking about her further plans in terms of studies, she adds, “I am planning to pursue a PhD in Political Science and will also be pursuing Feminist Studies.”

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