Gul Panag reveals how she achieved her goal of 100 push-ups a day and the motivation behind it | Watch

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Gul Panag recently spoke about her process of daily push-up practice in order to achieve her goals. She also mentioned that the other reason she wanted to improve her push-up skills was to prove the people wrong, who say ‘girls can’t do push-ups’

During the novel coronavirus lockdown, celebrities made sure that they share their fitness routines with fans and Gul Panag was one of them. The actor shared snippets from her exercise sessions in an attempt to urge her fans to stay fit.

She recently shared a throwback video in which can be seen doing push-ups. Gul also wrote a long note with the clip in which she talked about the way she improved her push-up skills. Her dog Gina also made an adorable appearance in the clip.

In the caption, the Bypass Road actor shared her journey and how she improved her stamina. She revealed that at the beginning of the lockdown, she could only do 10 push-ups. However, with daily practise, she was able to reach her goal of 100 push-ups in a day in 4-5 sets.

The diva also mentioned that the other reason she wanted to achieve her goal was to prove everyone wrong, who says “girls can’t do push-ups”. Gul shared the video with the caption, “#throwback to the this time in the lockdown that helped me better my push-up game. With Gina’s assistance of course. A lot of folks ask me how I do push-ups. One of the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the lockdown, was to get better at push-ups and to be able to do a 100, in 4-5 sets. It was a tall task as at the start of the lockdown, I could barely do 10 at a stretch (sic).”

She added, “I read somewhere of this trend where folks were doing 10 push ups every hour on the hour . And I was like that is something I can do! And so I did . Over time I got stronger. As they say practise is the answer !! (sic)”

Revealing about her fitness routine, Gul shared, “My goal is to do push-ups every day, somedays less. Some days more. I also vary the form. With stance . Wide & narrow that allows me to target different muscle groups. My research reveals, that there is no ONE form for push – up. You can and should do a variety of variations- only thing to keep in mind is to keep the spine straight (sic).”

She concluded by writing, “I’m listing some incredible Proffesional trainers who will be happy to help you get your push up game going, or perfect an existing one. P.S another reason I do push-ups is because a lot of folks say “girls can’t do push-ups “. And who doesn’t like to take naysayers on?? (sic). ”

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