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New Delhi: Excitement is round the corner in the Wills LifeStyle India Fashion Week (October 23rd to 28th). Bullet rider, Twitter addict, a seasoned photographer, accomplished actor, triple sharp shooter (mouth, camera, gun) Gul Panag could be exclusively covering Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week on Twitter. All twitterati are equal, but Gul Panag proves that some twitterati are more equal than others (Sorry George Orwell).
The world is changing, the world is changing very fast and the world is changing now and here in India. HeadlinesIndia has been at the forefront of Twitter usage reporting in India, and experience helps. One of our trusted followers just tweeted directly to our ears that the fashion world in India is going to change for ever. “Glamour would tweet fashion”, he said and we got going. Glamour, Twitter and Fashion the combination got us thinking-we zeroed down on 4 names- but there had to be a differentiator for this whole thing to succeed -the differentiator can only be passion. Between the four shortlisted Divas there is only one who tweets passionately, lives boldly, oozes glamour and defines fashion-Yes it could be none other than Gul Panag.
Twitter is all out to conquer India and transform the way Indians communicate. Taking the conventional media head on, Twitter is just raising the bar higher. One can see a top level initiative at Twitter behind all this. Just about a year back , Twiter Co-Founder Biz Stone was in India and Biz has been talking about India at every platform every since. India is the third largest market to Twitter after the US and Germany. The way things are going, India is all set to take over the number two position shortly. The Twitter-Airtel deal and now Twitter’s “Direct Action Plan” for Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week brings into open Twitter’s desire to be not only a leading website in India, but also be the new media player of reckoning.
These steps are sure to increase Twitter’s market share in India especially in the high net-worth segment, which is the one that spends and spends a lot. There are high expectations from Gul Panag as she tweets with intellect, wit and dare with over 7,700 tweets under her belt and 23,821 active and involved followers. Keep coming back as we follow this breaking news story closely.

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