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Actress Gul Panag is known to be quite a travel junkie. And her recent Finland trip proved it so, again. And this travel streak of hers, she attributes to her family.

“I love to travel and I travel a lot. It has been in my family — my dad was in the services and we were posted to many places,” explains Gul.
“Initially travel for holidays was to typical destinations like London, Paris, etc., but eventually I found the tourist in me ebbing and giving way to the traveler, looking to discover the more exotic, different things, unique places,” exclaims Gul.And Finland was definitely up on her list of amazing must-visit places in the world. “The first word that comes to my mind when I think about Finland is magical. I love the winters there… With the snow and all the white around it really is a winter wonderland. The Finnish Lapland is one of the most stunning places in the world. The snowy Lapland reminds me of Christmas and Santa! This is his land. This is that fairytale place we imagined as kids,” she adds.
Gul reveals that the place reminded her of the magical land of Narnia. “When you look around its just feels like Aslin or some magical creature willappear from somewhere,” she says.
Gul is quite a sporty actor who loves challenges and Finland offered her a plenty of cool winter sports around to try out – from rides on the husky reindeers to zooming through in a snow scooter along the country side.
“You better have a map though, or not venture too far!,” warns Gul who lost her way once and “that was quite an adventure!” “I am completely mesmerised and blown away by the sheer pristine beauty of this white Finnish wonderland, and would recommend it to all!”

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