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Our jaws dropped when we saw Gul Panag on the latest issue of Maxim. We never knew that the girl who played a dutiful wife as Zeenat in Dor could look this h-o-t as she posed for the men’s magazine that hit stands this month

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What a morning it’s been! This shoot woke us up to a side of you we hadn’t seen before! You’ve pulled off critically acclaimed roles in offbeat movies, but clearly, you’re also top-of-the-line siren material. We’re getting conflicting signals here…
(Smiles) I confuse a lot of people and I love that! I’m someone who does intense work but can look good in a bikini too. A bit of a oxymoron by our conventional standards. No one ever knows what to expect from me. I will be different and certainly not blend in!

And how do you like your men: pretty toy-boys or silent and brooding?
I’ve fallen for all kinds of guys from “not pretty “to “bad boys” and yes, even “silent brooding types”. But I think my type is more the fit (six-pack and running 10 km capability is a must), quiet but can-be-humorous variety. Hmm…yes, that would be us.

Hypothetically, if…er, fancied us (we did say hypothetically), would you be proactive about it?
Hell, yes! Why wait when you can go get it? I am not into waiting-to-open-my-gift sort of thing, I rip open the wrapping the moment I get my hands on it!

And if we wanted to take you back to our place, what would be the one thing that would clinch it?
(Grins) Beer! And the promise of a nice foot massage.

Even better… we’ll take you there on our hot new bike. We see you zipping around town on an Enfield all the time!
I love bikes! Learnt to ride an Enfield when I was 15… It’s the closet thing to feeling free. Almost like flying. I’m not into racing bikes. I like the Funduro class bikes like the Africa twin and the BMW F 650, but love the cruisers the most. Nothing beats the sound of the Classic Enfield 350. I’m eagerly awaiting a road trip to the mountains with my biker mates!

Aren’t you just back from a backpacking, “self-discovery” trip across Europe! What have you discovered?
That the most precious company one can have is oneself. And that a smile (OK, maybe a slightly flirty one) will open almost any door.

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