I got 200 calls: Gul Panag

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Actor Gul Panag  was in for a rude shock early this week, when she heard that a website had reported that she had died in a jet-ski accident. 
The actor later clarified on Twitter that she was alive. Alive and kicking I am. But yes if I had to die it would be something like this. Or a bungee cord snapping, she wrote. When we asked her about the same, she said: I think it was a stupid prank by websites to generate traffic. It has happened in Hollywood with Keanu Reeves, Liam Neeson, Arnold Schwarzenegger… the exact same rumour.

When panic-struck friends started calling the actor, they found her phone to be switched off, and got even more worried. Some even sent tweets to the actor asking if she was fine.
It was weird because I was in the gym for an hour and my phone was switched off. Later, I saw I had some 200 calls. Even my family got many calls, said Gul, who chose to tweet as it seemed like the easiest way to quash the rumour. I tweeted about being alright because I have a lot of followers and friends there (on the site), she says. 

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