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Gul - F1 CarGuess it was in Gul Panag’s ‘car’ma, but one thing’s for sure, the model-cum-actress is certainly on the fast track.

In fact, even that would be an understatement. After all, it’s not everyday that one gets to sit in a Formula One car, let alone drive it! But this self-confessed car freak is just back from Paris where she has done that and more — Gul was invited by Renault to “get a feel of the F1 experience,” as she puts it.

And what made her the ‘chosen one’ to zoom into this high-tech training circuit in the South of France? “The company was looking out for known names from across the world to test drive their F1 car. I was shortlisted from India because of my apparent love and knowledge of cars and Formula One. Also, I’m a complete outdoors person — fitness and adventure are my middle name — so I guess I fitted the ‘living life on the edge’ image that is associated with racing and racedrivers,” smiles an excited Gul.

Accelerate a little more on the subject and Gul goes into top gear; the sporty lass just can’t seem to stop talking about the experience, one which she terms “fantastic” and among the top three most special moments of her life. “Simply put, it’s raw power. The car has 700 bhp, and still weighs only 500 kilos. So you can imagine the power and the speed! In 300 metres, you go from 0 to 190! All you can think of is ‘Oh my God, the car’s going to fly off the track and go into the air!’ The seat literally sucks you in because of the sheer power and you’re almost lying down and driving,” says Gul of the experience.

Zooming down a race track in one of the world’s most powerful racecars definitely qualifies for an adrenaline rush like no other. No wonder then that Gul best sums up her experience with, “I’d choose an F1 car to a hot hunk any day, again and again and again!” Guys, are you’ll listening, Gul certainly likes to be in the driver’s seat!

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