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Not many know that actress GUL PANAG has been riding bikes since she was 16. She tells NANDA DAS that she loves to explore beaches.

The perfection with which she made the bike roll on the street and smartly curved it along a sharp turn, it was quite evident that actress Gul Panag has been secretly mastering the art of riding a bike. And guess for how long? “Since the time I was a 16-year-old. My cousin taught me to ride,” Gul replied flashing a broad smile.

The actress was aptly dressed in red leather jacket, denims and black boots to take ahead the convoy of over thousand students who awaited for the actress and her co-stars of her upcoming movie Turning 30. And as soon as Gul and Purab Kohli arrived, the actress hopped onto her Royal Enfiled to adjust the gears and give Purab a ride on the streets of North Campus. “This is how you will find Purab sitting behind me on a bike in the movie as well. He should thank me, a gorgeous and a perfect bike rider, for the wonderful rides. But honestly, this is not the best time to go riding, it’s too chilly in Delhi. My hands were freezing.”

The actress says she would love to go for a ride with Salman Khan. “I want to offer actor Salman Khan a ride on my bike some day. But he needs to sport the same moustache as he did in his movie Dabangg and he should hold me tight. This is my childhood dream and I hope it will come true soon.”

Not many would know that Gul enjoys exploring new destinations on her bike and places like Goa and Kanyakumari are her favourite. “I am a beach person and, therefore, mostly head to Goa. I have visited most of the places in Northeast, too. But no experience can beat that of Uttarkashi – riding on the shores of Gangotri with scores of sadhus around,” she said in an excited tone.

As the lady is on a promotional spree these days, she is travelling to more and more places and loves to collect photos of the crowd. “I like to keep photographs of the lovely times that I enjoy with my fans. It is so good to see them excited and hovering around. I love my fans and this is the reason that I put every experience on the micro blogging site Twitter. I share everything, including photographs with my fans. I don’t take social networking sites as a medium to market oneself. For me, it’s a strong medium through which one can express his/her opinion,” she said.

The actor plays a character of a bindaas woman in her mid-30s who believes in enjoying her life to the fullest. Gul says that this is one character that she truly relates to. “I enjoyed each and every moment of shooting this film. In a very humourous and heart-touching way, this film narrates the transition journey that every woman faces in her life. It also deals with how a woman matures in life and how she learns to have her own opinion on different things in this society. It throws a light on the society’s changing perspective of women in their 30s. Today 30s is new 20s for modern society and this is what the film brings out,” she shared. She felt there are many positive sides of being 30-year-old. “A woman understands the society and people. Most importantly, she learns to say no at this age and has her own identity,” she concluded.

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