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Among many other things that fascinate actor Gul Panag, travel around the world tops the list. Coming from a family of travel enthusiasts, she says the habit is ingrained in her. And though she has travelled to many interesting places, some of her trips are still unfinished.

Every time she went to Goa, she used to plan a trip to coastal Karnataka that is less than 100 km from Goa. But something or the other happened and her trip got postponed. “I can’t tell you how many times I have postponed the trip,” says Gul, who likes to explore the unexplored. So recently when Ford along with National Geography Channel was planning their new adventure driving series — My Endeavour Alterrain — and asked her to take up any “unfinished business” or an interesting expedition, she was immediately in for it.

“I almost jumped at the proposal,” says Gul, who would now take up a trip that will start from Goa and via Karwar would finally end at Hampi. “It’s a place I have wanted to visit for long,” she says.

However, besides her expeditions, there are many other things that are keeping her busy. After so many years of working in films, the actor has gone back to her roots with a Punjabi film Sarsa, directed by Jatinder Mauhar, where she plays the lead role. “The film is complete and I’m keenly awaiting the release,” she says and adds that it was a perfect script she was waiting for.

She is also awaiting the release of the sequel to Ab Tak Chappan in which she has worked with Nana Patekar. While she found the film interesting, she was more excited to work with the actor with whom she has never worked earlier. “We keep meeting often and talk so much on many topics. But a film with Nana Patekar excites me. He is a very talented and sweet actor,” she says.

Recently, when she met him, he offered her a cup of tea that he had made himself. But ask her if whatever she is telling isn’t the very opposite of his screen image which is mostly very intimidating and she says, “Of course Nana is very intimidating. But I think we connect on a different level. Our interests are similar. There are so many things common, like passion for photography, plants and so many other things. That makes us bond well.”

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