‘Not Just Casting Vote’: Gul Panag Tells News18 She Wants to Join Politics Again | Exclusive

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Bollywood actress Gul Panag is keen on joining mainstream politics once again. In an exclusive interview with News18, she said that everyone should be a part of it.

Panag had fought the 2014 general elections from Chandigarh on an Aam Aadmi Party ticket.

She told News18 that in 2014 her family deserved her attention more and it was difficult for her then. But when asked if she was still keen on joining mainstream politics, Panag said, “Yes, I am.”

“I believe that our participation in politics should increase. It shouldn’t be limited to casting our vote. What after that? The festival of democracy has, unfortunately, been reduced to voting. What about public opinion, public pressure? What about the fourth estate, the media?” she said.

When asked whether she sees her future with AAP or any other party, Panag said that it was difficult for her to say anything now. “For a flourishing democracy, multi-party system is very important. I don’t think that it is healthy for one or two parties to capture the political landscape,” she said.

Panag has been very vocal politically on social media and on public platforms. She supported the farmers’ protest on the borders of Delhi.

When asked if she had to face any trolling or attacks due to her political stance on issues, she said, “The trolling today is very organised. I haven’t faced it much though as my stance is always balanced. I don’t think that the government ever works against the people.”

Panag does, however, agree that trolling sometimes impacts the entertainment industry, in terms of box office collection. There have been instances when films have been boycotted for an actor’s statement or her/his stance on an issue.

The impact, she believes, is also because there are only a few who take a stance on an issue. The majority, she says, does not.

“However, if you see Lal Singh Chadha, the box office collections have increased ultimately. So how effective was the boycott? The audience wants entertainment,” said Panag.

Stressing on the need to take a stance, she said, “People look at you as role models. Therefore, when you take a stand, it should be balanced.”

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