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Gul Panag and her film Straight is the hot topic right now. Here’s what Gul has to say : Clear this air about Straight being a film about homosexuality.
Straight is a film about a homophobic guy. Pinu Patel is homophobic just like the bulk of the Indian population. In this society you are a conformist and sexuality is one small part of it. To conform would be to be heterosexual and the non conformists are to be the homosexual. It’s all a matter of choice. We’ve always looked down upon these whether it’s in sexuality, thought or any opinion. By and large, we are a homophobic society. Pinu suddenly figures that there is a possibility that he could just be a gay. Now imagine the trauma of Pinu, a man who hates people who are gays.

Gul Panag, Do you think homosexuality should be legalized ?
On whether homosexuality should be legalised or not, I’ve always maintained that sexuality is a very private matter. Neither a society nor a state has any right to interfere in this matter. They shouldn’t even comment on a matter like this, I believe. They will tell us what way to brush our teeth too. All this is too personal. You shouldn’t judge anybody on sexual orientation. I hope I’ve answered your question.

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