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If that be the case, then even after being around in the industry for long and having worked with acclaimed directors, you aren’t seen or heard enough…
I am grateful that my work has spoken for itself in giving me credibility and respect as an actor. Beyond my work, I have no desire to be seen or heard for random things like a new car or a house, a dog or a boyfriend.

As an actor, what matters more — critics or the BO?
Ideally, both. I think it’s more important to be part of films that leave a mark on cinematic history.

So, what made you take up Straight — Ek Tedhi Medhi Love Story?
The director, Parvati. I have known her for long and have tremendous faith in her. When she asked me to be in her film, the answer was a big fat yes!

Do you think you are trapped in a particular image that is making it difficult for directors to approach you for roles?
Not at all! Sometimes even I am surprised by the bizarre stuff I am approached for. I make a conscious effort to choose my roles and always play different and unique characters.

What about trying a mindless masala venture? Or is it mind over matter for you?
Why not? Everyone likes to leave their brains behind once in a while.

You have been roped in for RGV’s Rann. What’s your character like?
I play Nandita, an assistant director. She represents the mood and voice of the real and present young India.

Do you think it took a long time for RGV to notice you?
You’d have to ask him that.

And what’s next from here?
Eagerly awaiting the release of Straight…

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