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Travel is an important part of former Miss India and actress Gul Panag’s lifestyle, and since adventure is her second name, she decided to go camping with her family recently to the exotic Sach Pass in the Himalayas. We got a chance to speak to her about her recent voyage about her eating habits while traveling and the actress was also kind enough to give us a few camping tips.
Adventure or a relaxed beach holiday, what’s your pick and why?
I would always say adventure. I love adrenalin, the unexplored and the exciting as opposed to being on a hammock doing nothing. 
Where was your recent vacation, and what made you chose this location? 
My recent vacation was at Sach Pass in the Himalayas. We chose this location as it was new to me, secluded, so we could escape the crowds and at a height, so it meant relief from the heat. 
Who did you travel with and how long was the trip?
I travelled with my husband, Rishi, and my parents. The trip was 3 fun-filled days from Chandigarh to Sach Pass.
What things did you keep in mind before leaving for a camping trip?
Camping is prone to getting tricky, as one really doesn’t know what to expect beyond the predictable. Before leaving for this trip we were prepared on all fronts. There was a portable stove and an icebox, sleeping bags and tents, a Swiss knife and a fortunate spare tire, which many Bavarian cars don’t have, but our Audi did.
Which new scenic places did you explore?
Satrundi was a refreshing hill region. I usually enjoy driving on terrain, and that’s why this was an unexpected challenge. It was intense to drive on the roads here and required a lot of concentration.
Did you get any memorabilia from there?
There were no shops selling any! That’s part of the charm of Sach Pass and Satrundi – the isolation. The blessings from the temple there count as memorabilia for me.
Please share with us any of your memorable experiences during your trip.
On the way to Sach Pass from Satrundi, we crossed Bairagarh, roughly 20 km away. It was the last spot we had network, and we were definitely pushing our luck going through such terrain without a spare tyre in one car. 
It was then that we took the greatest gamble of our trip. On encountering white water, my father decided we could go manage to go through with it, despite us not having a spare tyre in one car. Based on his judgment, we carried on further, laboring through slowly and narrowly avoiding a giant rock on our right, and a 1000-feet fall on our left.
Which places would you recommend to our readers as a must-visit?
My must-visit recommendations are, off-beat Europe, the Himalayas and South Africa.
What are your food habits while travelling?
I try to eat well when I travel. Even though I don’t stick to my diet, it’s nicer to not indulge too much, as it’s prone to slowing one down. I try sampling the local cuisine at every possible opportunity. 
What kind of dishes did you savor?
Being a non-vegetarian, I like most meat based dishes. Anything well prepared is welcome, whether it’s a salad or a steak. 
How many times do you take a vacation, and what’s next on your list?
Counting vacations takes the fun out of them. My favorite destinations are the Himalayas, by and large. Next on the list is some time off to take a breather from everything heavy duty, be it adventure or acting in my next film.
What advice would you give to our readers who want to go camping?
Carry a knife and quality wares to sleep and live in. A water purifier and a portable stove are extremely handy. Food supplies should never be low.

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