‘Women empowerment starts with unity among women,’ says Gul Panag, championing empowerment and health awareness

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At a recent event in Dehradun, actor Gul Panag delved into the topic of women’s empowerment, emphasizing the strength that comes from women supporting each other. She was a guest at the FICCI event, where she highlighted the importance of women uniting to overcome challenges.

“Women empowerment starts with unity among women,” Gul expressed. “When I am surrounded by women, I feel empowered. One woman’s success can inspire another. I feel fortunate to be here today, invited to share my thoughts. The challenges women face are universal and need to be openly discussed. This dialogue can make these challenges more manageable.”

Addressing the audience, Gul spoke about the societal pressure for women to prioritize others over themselves, which can hinder their ability to fulfil their roles effectively. “We are often conditioned to put ourselves last. This compromises our ability to fulfil our responsibilities, whether as stay-at-home mothers or working mothers. We carry a significant burden, and it’s crucial for us to be strong.”

Drawing an analogy, Gul likened prioritizing health to the safety instructions given on an aircraft. “When you board a plane, they say, ‘Put your own mask on first.’ I’m 45 now, and I believe that prioritizing my health has enabled me to achieve all that I have. To fulfil our responsibilities, including caring for our children and ageing parents, we must take care of ourselves first. It’s not easy, but it’s essential. We must eat healthily and take care of our bodies.”

Gul’s journey is a testament to her versatility. She rose to fame by winning the Miss India title in 1999 and went on to represent India at Miss Universe 1999. Transitioning into Bollywood, she made her debut in the movie ‘Dhoop’ and has since appeared in several films showcasing her talent across various fields.

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