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Her army background has given her a yen for adventure sports. Actor Gul Panag, of “Summer 2007” and “Dor” fame, on what gives her a high.  
People in her fraternity do it in reel life, but she does it in real life. People know her as a beauty queen and actor. But her life is exciting and adventurous, both on and off the screen. When Gul Panag, who vowed viewers in films like “Summe r 2007” and “Dor” is not shooting for films, she is shooting, as in the shooting range.
Her real life is full of adventure. Her petite frame belies her complete absence of fear. She says, “My Army background is the main reason behind my fascination for adventure sports. In the Army, we got all the facilities for these kinds of activities.”
Varied lot 
The list of her activities include mountain climbing and trekking, water rafting, horse riding, shooting, para gliding, marathon running and travelling.
She says, “My father is extremely fond of adventure sports and he likes travelling. And he has greatly impacted my life.” Her entire family is fascinated by the lifestyle of an army man. Her brother represents the country in shooting. 
She says, “Once I tried to participate at competitive level shooting. I’m thinking seriously about it. But, it is difficult to practise in Mumbai. Skeet shooting needs large space to practise, as I have to shoot flying object in this type of shooting. But I practise whenever I get the opportunity.”
Last November, she tried water rafting. She says, “November is the best time for water rafting. It was a very exciting experience to raft in the Ganga.” Her excitement and thrill can be felt in her voice.
Mount climbing and trekking is another feather in her adventurous cap. She says, “Fitness is very important for such activity. And fitness comes from discipline. My army background taught me a very disciplined lifestyle.” Planning and good company back her fearless attitude. She says, “Planning is very important for adventure sports. And the rest of the things depend on good company.”
Latest love 
Para gliding is her latest high. She says, “Para gliding gives me an exhilarating feel. This is my new found love.” She says, “These adventurous activities keep me in right control. I never get reckless.” Watch her control when she rides a horse. She says, “People say horse riding is very dangerous but driving a car on road is also dangerous. Adventure sports need a lot of preparation and planning. I am going to buy my own horse soon.” 
The list does not end here. She runs the Mumbai Marathon every year. Her regimen keeps her fit and full of beans. She wants to use her unending energy for a long innings in the film industry. She says, “I am not here for three or four years, I want to stay in this industry for 30 years.”
This column features the less known aspects of a well known personality. 

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