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Gul Panag doesn’t conform to norms, especially when it comes to fitness and staying active. The actress has time and again proved that gender roles are not defined by one’s activities. Excerpts from an interview with Gul…
Bangalore runs
I come to Bangalore whenever I have an event here and I’ve noticed that the city runs. There are clubs that have mainstream running events. I’ve been coming here regularly for the 10k marathon and though there is a good running culture here, I’ve noticed that women representation is low. Bangalore also has the best weather in the country for running.
No extra-curricular activities
In the west, people have a life outside work and regularly indulge in some activity or the other. I don’t see that in India, though that culture seems to be catching on in bigger cities like Bangalore and Mumbai. One should realize that people who have risen to be world leaders have not just restricted themselves to work.
Language is not a barrier in cinema
I’ve been very choosey about the kind of films I do because I want to do work that satisfies me. The language of cinema is not a barrier, but I can’t do films that have characters from a fantasy land that people cannot relate to. I want to play real characters and I’ve chosen to do such films. Films, though, are not my priority. I have been busy with work otherwise and have been producing content for television.
Beauty contests are subjective
There will be trends every now and then by which beauty queens will come from a particular city. There was a time when Bangalore was producing a lot of them, but there is nothing absolute in the beauty pageants; they are subjective. One thing that has remained constant over the years is the fact that most of them come from an army background. Their upbringing sets them apart and gives them an advantage over others.

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