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Dimple cheeked girl from Chandiragh become Bollywood Star and won the beauty Pageant Miss India in 1999 was special guest at Reel World Film Festival’s Closing Night Gala in Toronto, Canada. We are thankful to Gul Panag for the exclusive interview to despite very short time.
TORONTO: Highly educated and stunningly beautiful girls from respectable families are joining the film world in India with a sacred purpose—To present realistic picture of the society and the people and show right direction. There is now commitment and determination to change the conditions and situation of the people, particularly those victimized and miserably suffering but are helpless. The change in presentation will inspire, motivate and encourage the people to break all shackles and fight for their rights, better quality of life and everything. 

One such beauty queen, Gul Kirat Panag, of Bollywood was a very special guest of Toronto. She had heard much about Toronto and Canada but now is madly in love with this great mega city, the beautiful and best country.  She was greatly impressed by the loving and caring people of different cultures, communities and countries living and working together in Canada to maintain it as the paradise of the world.

Gul Kirat Panag was invited to attend the screening of her remarkably touching Hindi and Urdu with English subtitles film `DOR’ at the Closing Night Gala of ReelWorld Film Festival on April 15, 2007, in Toronto. The film was directed and written by the famous Nagesh Kukunoor

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