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“Beauty with Brains” might be a cliche when you just take it as a phrase but one can consider – Gul Panag, as the womaniya who truly defines it is. I think there are few who have the ability to don many hats and of those few, some rare species have the courage and confidence to acknowledge their ability. So let’s see what motivates Gul Panag to do so many different things without losing her identity of being strong, independent and truly free spirited woman.

Q-1) How has the journey been from a beauty pageant winner to an actress, to an AAP politician & now an entrepreneur?
I’ve always had a wide canvas I think, and I enjoy doing various things. Winning Miss India gave me a platform to explore these and give them a more public form. I am passionate about acting, and have chosen films and scripts that appeal to my creative aesthetic. But there’s so much more to life as well. Today I’m an activist, aviator, animal lover, adrenaline junkie, adventurer, avid traveler, automobile & fitness enthusiast, biker, entrepreneur, student and I am only half way there. I have always had a strong social conscience on issues related to India’s development, specifically issues of gender justice. I support AAP because I support its central platform of clean governance and politics as a public service.

Q-2) Which role do you enjoy playing the most?
I deeply enjoy everything I do and feel extremely driven towards exploring life to its fullest, so it’s not one or the other. I enjoy all that I do! However, if I had to really pick one, it would probably be traveling. The travel bug bit me very early in life and it’s something I still haven’t lost excitement for. The thrill of learning and the promise of adventure that travel offers never fails to astound me.

Q-3) Tell us about your start up MobieFit and the fitness apps you are working on.
Fitness technology is the next big thing in the tech arena.
For me, fitness is a way to healthy life and in today’s busy life I think it’s important for everyone to be active. Our first app is called FirstRun and it aims to help people who are not runners, get from ‘Couch to 5 km’ in a few weeks.
The other fitness app that I am working on is MobieFit drives people who are trying to take their initial steps towards fitness and is looking in future to launch multiple fitness products that are focused on other fitness areas in addition to running.
FirstRun is available for free on all android phones and will soon be made available on iPhones. It’s specially designed for non runners, hence one of the primary features is that it presumes that the user can run only a minute and does not focus on speed or distance. It focuses on encouraging people to go the fit way!

Q-4) What is you major motivation behind Fitness?
That it allows you to live your life so much better. Being fit has more to it than just physical aspects. It includes eating right, sleeping right and more, and like they say “You are what you eat.”Keeping fit is something which will always help you achieve your beautiful self and smiling, speaking and thinking positive will just add to it !

Q-5) 3 simple fitness tips that you would like to share with OoWomaniya.
For starters, drink lots of water.
Secondly, take out 45 minutes a day of intense physical activity. Running, is something that I recommend personally; It’s fuss-free and quick.
And lastly and obviously, eat healthy.

Q-6) What do you think about “diets” and the fads related to “healthy eating”?
I think if one chooses an active lifestyle, one doesn’t need to follow any kind of specific diets. Just stick to being simple. Eat right and exercise well. This always works.

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