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gulQ.Your man’s must-have qualities?
A.He should know what I want without me having to say it.

Q.Can your friendship for him blossom into love?
A.Yes, why not, it can happen that the person, who I may have always thought to be just a buddy, may suddenly become someone I love. Dil ki ghanti kab baj jaaye, kisi ko nahin pata.

Q.If he is among current Bollywood hunks, he would be like…
A.Most girls would love to choose Hrithik (even though he is happily married) as he is the ‘take home and show mom’ type of guy. If I wanted somebody more interesting, then it would have to be Bachchan Junior.

Q.Is changing partners okay with you?
A.It’s normal, one does grow out of love. Today, I may like A, tomorrow B may come along and in that situation if I still stick to
A, then I would be doing injustice to him, for though I will be with him, my heart will be with the other guy.

Q.If other girls make a pass at your man…
A.I would feel jealous and ask those chicks to stay away from my guy. I will not give the PC answer that I am happy that my guy is being appreciated.

Q.His metrosexuality?
A.I bet metrosexual men are vainer than women. They spend more time in front of the mirror than their women. Some men have houses full of mirrors, where they keep checking their profile. On the whole, I like a metrosexual man for there is competition right at home ? on who looks better.

Q.Is an approval from your parents for him a must?
A.Yes, I would prefer a love marriage which is arranged by them. If my parents don’t like my guy, I would try to convince them lovingly. It would be totally wrong to dump my folks who have brought me up.

Q.He should take you out on a romantic evening to…?
A.A beautiful sea-facing restaurant for an expensive candlelight dinner under the stars.

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