EXCLUSIVE! Both Vinay Pathak and Gul Panag are wonderful actors: Manish Gupta

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Director Manish Gupta in this interview, talks about the film 420 IPC. He talked about the film’s plot and the experience of working with the star cast of the film.

MUMBAI: Manish Gupta in this exclusive interview with Tellychakkar.com talks about his upcoming courtroom drama film 420 IPC. He then spoke about the plot of the film, the inspiration behind the film, and the experience of working with Vinay Pathak and Gul Panag.

Tell us about your film 420 IPC.

It is a suspense film. It is a courtroom drama where suspense unfolds inside a courtroom. The plot of the film revolves around a synonyms offense case. The USP of the film is that this is the first suspense film not only in India but in the world, in which the suspense revolves around non-violent crime. Usually, the suspense film is around violent crimes like rape, murder, or kidnapping. There is a white-collar crime involved in the film. No film with such a storyline has ever been made so far.

How did the idea come into your mind?

During my three years of extensive research which I carried out for my previous courtroom drama film Section 375. In which I attended many hearings in the court across Mumbai. So, during those hearings, I also came around cases that revolved around Economic offense cases. I found this economic offense case as a very unique idea that has never been explored before in a movie.

How did Vinay Pathak and Gul Panag come on board for 420 IPC?

I shared my script with all the actors. Usually, my scripts are written with a lot of clarity and detail. And after reading the scripts there are no doubts that remain in an actor’s mind anymore. So once Vinay and Gul read the script, they all came on board immediately. In fact, all the casting was done within one or two months. And yes, the experience of working with Vinay Pathak and Gul Panag was absolutely wonderful. They are also very jovial on the sets of the film.

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