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Looks like all of Bollywood is on Twitter. But most of them are dead boring, doing nothing but greet each other and push their films. 

A notable exception: Rahul Khanna (@R_Khanna). He’s intelligent, witty and has a delicious sense of fun.
Recent tweet: Back-to-back evenings full of glamour, dancing, sex, violence & raw, pulsing drama. Who needs Bollywood when it’s wedding season in India?

All right, all right, Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) is not bad. The master of the sound bite seems to let his guard down just a little when he gets into a late night tweeting session after a shoot, say, musing, answering questions; it makes him feel more… human.
Recent tweet: i asked my team if the filmfare jokes were too cheap. they said recession just receding sir…cant afford rich ones…next year maybe. ha ha
Lisa Ray (@Lisaraniray) is also worth following. She’s in treatment for cancer, and it’s inspirational to read her takes on the process, and life in general.
Recent tweet: This Stem Cell Reboot has Lisa version 2.0 taking resting to a new level. There a pro resters club out there?

And of course there’s Gul Panag(@gulpanag), an early adopter, at least as far as the film world goes. Not starry airs about her; she’s as fresh and frank as she looks. She seems to spend most of her time answering followers, but frequently pushes the causes she promotes as well.
Recent tweet: Ironically,the more prosperous the society(Punj, Har) the worse is the #sexratio .My district #Fatehgarhsaheb has the lowest in the country

Anand Mahindra (@anandmahindra) was, as far as we know, the first business big shot to jump into the Twitterstream. He’s a great example of how to go about it: promotes his products, yes, but also answers questions and criticism quickly and frankly. Disconcerts purists with his fluent SMSese!
Recent tweet: Was at an offsite at d new Mumbai cricket association clubhouse.Pretty fancy.Guess evrythng assciated w cricket is larger than life!

Pritish Nandy (@PritishNandy) is also a fairly active tweeter. Occasionally controversial, he does not shy away from argument, and engages with his fans.
Recent tweet: Most flights were hopping in those days, except to the top four metro cities. Now you can go almost anywhere direct. Even to hell.

For the book lovers, you can do far worse than follow lit critics Nilanjana Roy (@nilanjanaroy) and Sanjay Sipahimalini (@sansip) for a wealth of links to literary stories all over the web. Mind expanding.
Recent tweet (nilanjanaroy): Memories of Garcia Marquez, from his melancholy whores:
Recent tweet (sansip): Why we all love living next door to Alice in Wonderland

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