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When musicians and actors come together for a cause, how can it go unnoticed? Same was the case when Prince Singhal organised a concert at a bar recently, for a CADD (Community Against Drunken Driving) initiative – the launch of a 45-day long ‘ Delhi 4 Responsible Drinking Campaign’ to coincide with the Commonwealth Games, 2010.

Prince, who was been working for this cause for a decade, was quite enthusiastic about his campaign. And when we asked him… err… why a ‘Don’t drink and drive’ campaign at a bar, where people come to drink? He reasoned, “It’s because everything starts here, na. The effort is to tell people that if they drink at a bar, it’s okay, but then, they should not drive back home.”

A semi-formal discussion – anchored by Nasser Abdullah and Priyadarshini – on the cause kickstarted the moment the special guests of the day, Jimmy Shergill and Gul Panag, stepped in. Nasser invited the two, saying, “Gul, you look prettier by the day. I don’t know what you are applying, but I’d like to use the same product. And Jimmy, you’ve lost a lot of weight; I’d like to know how you did it.” Everyone, including, Nikhil Chopra, Jaspal Rana, Dev, Atul Wassan, Jimmy, Gul gave their messages on how one should be extra careful and not mix drinking with driving.

Shibani Kashyap, who composed a special song for this cause, was flaunting a Barbie-doll look pink dress, but changed into a one-shoulder LBD for her live performance. We saw Jimmy flaunting a lot of stones on his fingers. “I have been wearing them for a long time. I can remove them also, I am not so fussy about them, it’s just that I have been wearing them for 3-4 years now.” Achcha, what are these for – health, wealth, success, fame? “Nothing in particular, just generally for everything,” he explains (perhaps one for each, eh?). Gul Panag, on the other hand, was wearing a watch on her fingers (arre, we mean, her ring had a watch dial in it). “Yeah, I like to wear it,” she smiled.

Walking in another direction, we saw, Advaita band members, loaded with multiple musical instruments, rehearse ahead of their concert, as Parikrama band members walked in one by one – first Nitin, then Srijan, Chintan, Sonam, followed by Subir Malik in the end! Shibani opened the concerts for the night, after which Valentine Shipley took over, and Advaita and Parikrama followed.

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