Gul impressed by her body double’s daredevil act

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The sequel to Ab Tak Chappan is being shot at brisk pace. Interestingly, the film has only one female lead that is being played by Gul Panag. “The film is dominated by a totally male cast including Nana Patekar,” said a unit source. 
The plot boasts of daredevil and risky shots so much so that the unit did not allow Gul to do her own dangerous stunts lest she land up seriously injuyring herself and the shoot could end up getting delayed. 
Our source said, “Gul has always done her own stunts. But this is for the first time that she consented to use her body-double for an action sequence. The scene has her essaying the character of a crime journalist caught in a rapid fire and getting shot and falling backwards in realistic but technically difficult way on to a hard and rough concrete floor. Now the makers did not want to take any chances cause any serious injury could have her out of action for a while. 
Though Gul offered to do the scene herself, the makers felt the risk was too high and thus roped in a body double.” 
Apparently, Gul was pretty impressed with the girl who plays her in the scene. “Gul felt that she was just right who handled the scene with utmost precision,” said the source.

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