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One didn’t really see it coming but it has actually happened. Gul Panag and Vinay Pathak have got into a lip lock for their upcoming film Straight and even though no one associated with the film is making much noise about it, it is certainly going to be one of the highlights and a talking point about Straight once it comes closer to the release.

Directed by Parvati Balagopalan, who had earlier made Rules – Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula [Milind Soman, Meera Vasudevan], Straight is about a man called Pinu Patel [Vinay Pathak] who has a complex that is a virgin and has experienced no intimacy with a woman. He becomes close to a woman called Renu [Gul Panag] and it is during one of their intimate moments together that they end up kissing and later making love with each other.

But there is an issue. Pinu fears that he is probably a gay courtesy an accidental kiss planted on his lips by a man.

Coming back to the kiss between Vinay Pathak and Gul Panag, the lady of the moment believes that it’s unnecessary to have such big noise being made about her on-screen kiss. She merely says, “What’s the big deal if I have kissed Vinay in the film. After all, it’s a part of my job.”

Well, one must have to agree with Gul here since if one looks at her track record, each of her films that have released so far have seen a kiss from her.

Even though Gul isn’t willing to speak much about this in spite of much prodding, an actor who has worked with her goes on to analyze, “I guess she is a true kissing queen. It’s just that she hasn’t spoken much about it. Maybe her kisses haven’t made much news since each of them has always been very aesthetically done. There hasn’t been any hint of vulgarity in her films so far and hence they were not controversial enough to be making headlines. Also, Gul’s acting talent by itself has always overshadowed anything else due to which things like a kiss go unnoticed.”

Well, they may have gone unnoticed in films like Hello, Manorama – Six Feet Under or Summer 2007 but the fact remains that Gul has never ever thrown tantrums about the kissing sequences.

So, here is looking forward to Straight and the love story of Pinu and Renu! With a lip lock intact!

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