Gul Panag fumes over the deletion of ‘condom’ from Hello

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Maybe that’s why they call Bollywood as the other name for ‘unexpectedness’. It’s kind of strange that on one hand, there are zillions of ads on radio and TV that advocate (in their own creative ways) the importance of using a condom. But, on the other hand, there is our Censor Board which has ordered the chopping of a scene from the forthcoming film Hello that has actress Gul Panag mouthing the usage of ‘condom’. The scene in question has Gul asking Sharman Joshi (to whom she is paired opposite) whether he is carrying a condom before they have sex. The deletion of the ‘condom’ word from the scene has angered Gul to no end, so much so that she is now planning to write a letter to the Censor officials about this absurd decision on their part.

Gul argues that since the scene required her and Sharman to make love, she, like any educated woman asks if he is carrying a condom, before they get on with the act. Gul finds it funny that even though the lovemaking scene is retained, the word ‘condom’ has been chopped off from the dialogue. She also added that this decision only exhibits the double standards of the Censor Board.

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