Gul Panag: I never wanted to sing and dance in films..

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She might not be seen in multiple films in a year, but actor Gul Panag is happy with the way her Bollywood career has shaped up.
The 36-yearold says that she was always very clear about the kind of roles she wanted to be seen in and does not regret letting go of projects that didn’t offer her that.
“I never saw myself singing and dancing in films. I choose not to do such roles. I want to do films where I can relate to my characters. These choices have been very clear in my head right from the beginning,” says Gul, who has featured in films such as Dhoop (2003), Dor (2006) and Manorama Six Feet Under (2007).
A television producer, author, an adventure junkie and now a politician, too, Gul says that she already has numerous projects on her plate, and this is the way she likes it.
“Every single day is a challenge, but this is how I like it. There are good days and then there are bad days. It does take a lot of balancing to be able to manage everything, and I don’t regret even if I have to let go of something when I look back at my life,” says Gul, who recently climbed all the way to the base camp at Mt Everest as a part of an ongoing travel show.
“The trick to an adventure is to not give up mid way,” says Gul, who has also participated in numerous marathons so far. “Every time you participate in a marathon, your mind often tells you to give up every minute. But once you cross the finish line, you know it was all worth it,” she adds.

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