Gul Panag: ‘I will try my best to make sure that Nihal has a sibling’

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Gul Panag talks about her son Nihal, juggling between motherhood and her work and the importance of a sibling in this interview.

When actor Gul Panag got pregnant, she managed to keep the news under wraps and surprised everyone by announcing the birth of her son Nihal. And ever since she has embraced motherhood, the 40-year-old actor says her life has changed 360 degrees.

Gul Panag poses with her son Nihal.

“I’m thoroughly enjoying my motherhood phase. Initially, I wasn’t comfortable sharing about my child on social media but now I can’t resist myself to share about him and cherish the bond that we have,” shares Gul, who was last seen in the web series The Family Man starring Manoj Bajpai.

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A hands-on mom who balances her personal and professional life like a pro, Gul doesn’t mind having another child of her own and feels that it is important to have a sibling in life. “I would love if Nihal would have a sibling,” says Gul adding, “I share a very strong sibling bond with my brother who lives in Delhi. My husband has a sibling and are closely knitted with each other. I feel it is very important to have a sibling bond. I will try my best to make sure that Nihal has a sibling to share a bond like this.”

When asked when she is planning for a second child and if she is open to the idea of adopting or going through surrogacy, Gul shares, “I haven’t thought about that yet, but I’m sure to have Nihal have a sibling. Whether it is meant to be or not meant to be is something God can decide. I would like to have my son to have a sibling. How, when, where, I think time will tell.”

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