Gul Panag is disappointed over Rekha’s nomination

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‘What has Rekha done to deserve an RS nomination?’ asks Gul Panag, who is disappointed with the choices made from arts and cinema for the recent Rajya Sabha nominations…
I am very disappointed with the recent Rajya Sabha nominations. I can understand Sachin Tendulkar’s nomination because of his distinction in cricket. But look at the choices from arts and cinema. Just because the minimum nomination age is 30, it doesn’t mean we have to take people who are 60. I have immense respect for Rekha, but what has she done of late to deserve that nomination? Wasn’t someone like Rahul Bose or Nandita Das a better option? But no, we can’t take them to Parliament because they are young! In a nation where the average age is getting lower steadily, we have a majority of people over 60 to decide our fate. I have a serious objection to having a Parliament that has a huge population of MPs who are old and out of tune with the times. At 60, does one have any steam or drive left to make important decisions? Then how can you expect a Parliament flooded with people from this age group to make progressive decisions for a nation full of young people! High time the nominations lists were more in favour of the young.”

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