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MUMBAI: “It’s good to be 30. I think you become more stable both financially and emotionally when you are in your 30s,” said Gul Panag, who was in town as part of a promotional tour for her new film, ‘Turning 30′. The actress tells why despite being a woman she doesn’t mind getting older and why being 30 for her is better than 20.

Do you think being 30 is good?
Absolutely! I think you become more stable when you are in your 30s. I’d say don’t put undue pressure on yourself and just enjoy the kind of freedom you get as you get older.

You turned 30 last year. Is ‘Turning 30′ the story of your life?
Not really. Though I turned 30 during the course of this film, I wouldn’t call it the story of my life. I think every woman will be able to relate to Naina, the character I’m playing. It’s a story of every woman who is constantly multitasking, wearing many hats at all times and living life without too many regrets in life.

How different or difficult was it to work with a female director this time?
I feel directors are professionals and it makes no difference whether it’s male or female. Having said that, it was fun working with Alankrita, who is almost the same age as mine and was passionate about the subject she was dealing with.

There were reports that your co-star Purab Kohli and his wife separated because of you. What do you have to say?
People will say what they want to but they have no idea about what’s going on in our lives. I feel they are just speculating and there is no truth to what they say.

Are you dating anyone in real life?
I don’t want to talk about my personal life.

Is it true that you want to go pillion-riding with Salman?
Definitely. I’ve a huge crush on Salman and I’ve started liking him more after watching ‘Dabangg’. I would love to sit with him on a bike, holding him tight.

Tell us something about your future projects.
Right now, it’s only ‘Turning 30′. I’m waiting for some really good projects to come my way.

Is it true that you can still fit into a pair of jeans you used to wear when you were 16?
It is true and that’s because I maintain myself. I eat sensibly and exercise a lot. You can say that’s my fitness mantra.

Do you have any regrets in life?
I think what you are today is because of decisions you had made in the past. I take life as it comes and have no regrets whatsoever, professionally or personally.

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