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Synonymous with the term ‘fashion’, Milan happens to be the shopping destination for fashionistas around the world. And actress Gul Panag is no exception to it. She vouches for the fact that she is addicted to Milan when it comes to shopping. But she admits she’s also a ruthlessly planned shopper.

So, Panag gave it a miss this time she was in Milan. It was a solo trip for the soul. And Italy’s ‘moral capital’ seemed to have been the ideal choice. “Travel is not something you do suddenly. It’s a planned experience for me. I usually do a solo trip once a year or so. My trips are often to European destinations as they are great to explore on foot. And Milan seemed to be the perfect destination,” Panag says.
What got her excited was that the Milan Design Week at Fiero Milano also coincided with her trip. “It was amazing. I was staying at Cordona and the event was on close by. What I love about the week is that it’s not about just clothes, shoes and so on,” says the actress, confessing that she hasn’t shopped much.
“Shopping was not on my agenda this time. I’m not a casual shopper. When I go on shopping trips, I only do that. I’m not a window shopper either. So I make a list of the things I want to buy and head to either Milan or London usually. I’m an organised person,” Panag reasons, adding that she bought just a bag that she really wanted.
But she does agree that it’s difficult to find tourists without shopping bags. “I was the only tourist without shopping bags. In fact, a woman asked me if I was a local,” she laughs.
Panag toured the city on foot, walking almost 15-20 kilometres every day and loving every moment of it. She points out, “Milan is a great city to take a walk at… very well-laid out for tourists. And I’m a marathon runner, remember?” Point noted.
Panag doesn’t forget to mention her visit to the small, picturesque town Gallarate and Como Lake. “The town is 45 minutes away from the city and remains a quaint place. And the lake couldn’t be calmer. It was beautiful,” she recalls.
Ask her about her gastronomic experience in the city, and Panag confesses that she finds Italian cuisine okay. “It’s very difficult to find anything other than Italian cuisine, whether it’s a roadside cafe; or a restaurant,” she adds.
However, she is quick to point out that a fulfilling travel experience means that you are be able to “soak in the city”. And she managed to do that amply with her eight hour a day walks. She came back home happy.
Panag is now waiting to return to Milan once again in summer, sometime in July, for a properly planned shopping visit. “I’m making a list of the things I want and will go there for two days and just shop!” she beams.

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