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Former Miss India Gul Panag is among the hottest and fittest in the Indian film industry, and one that caught our eye because of her regular participation in marathons every year. An activist, animal lover, adrenalin junkie, adventurer, avid traveler and biker – the secret of her energy and enthusiasm lies in her fitness routine and disciplined lifestyle. So keep a pen and paper handy, here’s what the charming Gul Panag told us about her fitness mantra.
How do you keep fit? What’s your daily fitness routine like?
Gul Panag: For me fitness is a lifestyle choice – something that I adapt to suit my current situation. On a day when the weather is good, I choose an outdoor option – running, cycling, tennis, etc. On rainy days I do indoor activities like squash, yoga or strength training in the gym.
How important is daily nutrition and balanced food intake for you? What kind of an eating routine do you follow?
Gul Panag: What one eats is the key to how one looks and feels. There is absolutely no point in doing an one hour’s run if you are going to have a brownie and ice cream after it. Eating healthy is the key. And we all know what healthy is. Too much of something that doesn’t naturally exist (desserts, deep fried foods and so on) can play havoc with our insulin and cholesterol levels, and of course undo all our fitness efforts.
Do you rely on any sports (group or endurance) for fitness pursuits? Could you tell us about how you train for them? 
Gul Panag: I have been running marathons for 8 yrs now, and there is no better test of endurance. Striving for endurance is great, as it gives you more energy to cope with daily life’s assaults on our stamina. Training for endurance is not rocket science, though it is a discussion in itself. I follow online modules – based on routines professional athletes follow.
What fitness advice would you like to share with our readers? 
Gul Panag: Don’t see fitness as something that’s a burden you need to carry. It’s a lifestyle choice you need to make for longevity and vitality. Take care of your body if you want it to last and complement you as long as you live.

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