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Gul Panag is a Bollywood actress who likes living on the edge. She’s a self-proclaimed adventure junkie and has been riding the mighty Bullet since she was 16 years old. She says, “My cousin who was in the Army had a Bullet that he left behind with us when I was a teenager and I started riding it. That’s how my affair with bikes began.” She’s ridden all over the country, but her favourite destination on her bike so far has been to Leh, Ladakh. She says, “That was a very challenging ride because of the hazardous terrain, but great fun for an adventure junkie like me. On a road the unexpected. It’s like trip, I love encountering stumbling upon unknown treasures that make such a trip memorable. I love stopping at an unheard of dhaba to discover it makes the best chai or tandoori food. Another huge thrill of riding a bike on the way to Ladakh is the freedom it gives you to appreciate the sights and sounds and be as close as you can to nature. It’s an unmatched way to connect with the beauty of the landscape.”

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