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Gul Panag who shot for Straight Ek Tedhi Medhi Love Story  with Vinay Pathak and director Parvati Balgopal recalls a funny incident while shooting for the film in UK. The actress says that their location manger Joshua had finalized locales for the film and they were shooting in the subway.

“We had to shoot with certain amount of junior artistes in the film. There were 12 of them and we were not given any tickets. Joshua had managed to get passes for all of us as he was handling everything.  But when we reached the location we realized only ten of  us were allowed to go.  Director Parvati Balgopalan panicked as she was ready for the shoot and she could not do without the other junior artistes” she informs.

“Finally Vinay Pathak, myself and director and cinematographer Debu were allowed to shoot in the train.  We were our own make up man, clapper boy and everything.  We had to shoot in the specified area and in a limited time, as we couldn’t control the trains coming and going.  Before I could realize I had climbed the wrong train and I was calling Vinay to join me. However, the train had moved on.  I suddenly realized that I was ticketless and had no cash or any papers on me. Everything was with Joshua. What if I am caught?  Fortunately, no one asked me for my papers or tickets. I used my grey cells, got off the next station, and came back.  We finished out shoot.  Vinay used to give the clap and next moment be ready for the shot.  It was the most memorable shoot we ever had” she adds further.

Joshua she smiles and adds “had the most beautiful  honey colored eyes I had ever seen. They were round and big and  reminded me of doughnuts.”   – Sampurn Media

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