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“Sweating it out for 40 minutes is as good as a facial,” says Gul Panag. The girl’s looking stunning like never before. Known for her curvaceous body, fabulous skin and ever glowing complexion, Gul talks to CS about staying fit and stress-free: 
Plan wise
Curves are genetic, but keeping fit is a lifestyle choice. I chalk out my fitness plan based on where I am at a given point. For instance, if I am in the city on a day when the weather is good, I choose to do outdoor cardio exercises — running, cycling, playing tennis, etc. On wet days, I take up indoor activities like squash, yoga or strength training in the gym.
Eat right
Diet is very important and plays a huge role in the way you look. What you eat is completely connected to how you look and feel. There is absolutely no point in doing an intense workout if you are going to have a heavy dessert or junk food after it. Eating healthy is the key. And we all know what healthy is. Too much of something that doesn’t naturally exist like desserts, deep fried food, etc can play havoc with our insulin and cholesterol levels. And of course, undo all the fitness efforts you’ve put in.
Happy heart 
Sweating it out for 40 minutes a day is like a daily facial! Seriously, eat healthy and exercise regularly, it will show on your skin. I don’t believe in too many products. For me, a beauty regime is really about eating well, and being healthy and happy. As long as your inner self is stress-free and happy, it will show. So to rejuvenate my senses, I indulge in activities that I love — writing, painting, and photography. Also, fitness is a passion for me. So an hour of Bikram yoga, a swim or a run always helps me unwind.

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