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Nothing calms me more than a good workout; any activity that raises the heart beat, releases endorphin in your blood. Endorphin makes you feel better, so a good workout is the best healer for me. It helps me reach my inner self along with maintaining a sense of physical and mental harmony.
My workouts are always situational and very adaptable, depending on how I’m feeling, where I am and what my activity levels are. When at home, I spend time with my trainer, doing kickboxing, functional training, etc. When I’m travelling, I run, swim, cycle or play tennis. I just adapt myself to what my surrounding has to offer.
Any good workout session is good for both physical and mental growth, but running is a form that is best for mental peace. It helps me de-clutter my mind. Whenever I want a break from work and I need to feel calm, I run.
Running doesn’t require any equipment; you don’t need training or gym membership either; just get up and do it. All you need is a good pair of shoes, although running barefoot has its own set of advantages as well. So really, there is no excuse for anyone in this world to not run. Running is something that also comes naturally to us, because we have been doing this since prehistoric times — chasing animals, hunting them and it’s what the body is best suited to do. Just 20 minutes of running can do wonders to your mind. They don’t call it “runner’s high” for nothing.
Any exercise done over a period of 20 minutes, that keeps your heart rate elevated, will release endorphin in your blood and it will definitely make you feel better. It is the best thing one can do for physical well-being and mental peace.

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