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Not just in reel life, Gul Panag essays varied roles in her real life as well. Her social page describes her as an actor, activist, aviator, animal lover, adrenalin junkie, adventurer, avid traveller, automobile and fitness enthusiast, biker, entrepreneur, student, writer. And between all these, she manages to look fit as a fiddle, all geared up to take on the world epitomising today’s modern Indian woman. We find out what keeps her going in this tete-a-tete.
You are a very fit woman. Tell us more about your daily fitness routine and diet. 
Running is at the core of my regimen. I believe it’s the most natural and easiest way to stay fit, and is accessible to all. I also do yoga, play tennis, swim and cycle through the week. I believe it is essential that everyone makes a commitment to being healthy in whatever way they can. Because I’m so passionate about fitness, many people have asked me about my take on wellness on social media. I’m now working on a trilogy of books – for people at various stages of fitness, the first of which I hope will be out mid next year. (Read: Fitness or sex, Sherlyn Chopra likes being ‘on top’)
My diet
Here’s the regular food plan I follow:
PRE-BREAKFAST: Wake up with tea and 5-7 almonds or 5-7 walnuts. Up to 20 almonds a day is fine, as long as you space them out.
BREAKFAST: If my lunch is going to be at home, I have two eggs with yolk, a small bowl of cooked oats or home-made muesli, one cube of cheese and maybe some salami.
LUNCH: A bowl of dal or meat, a bowl of vegetables, a handful of rice or a very small chapatti.
AFTERNOON SNACK: Tea/coffee and nuts.
DINNER: Same as lunch. If I have to go out, I eat 60 per cent of my dinner at home before I step out.
I also stay away from refined sugars and fried stuff.Gul Panag
How do you manage to find time to work out given your busy schedule?                                                
Fitness is a commitment. You schedule time in like you would for a meeting and it’s all possible.
What’s the secret behind your flawless skin?
A good run, healthy food and a great SPF moisturiser.
You are the brand ambassador of Pinkathon which supports breast cancer awareness. What made you get associated to this cause?
A platform like ‘Pinkathon’ can go a long way in educating people about the cause and prevention of a much neglected ailment like breast cancer. So, I am delighted to do my bit to raise awareness. It is crucial that we do whatever it takes to raise awareness about breast cancer and help improve the lives of millions of women affected by it. (Read: Breast cancer – top 10 myths busted)
What message would you like to give to our country’s women?
Prioritise your health. Make the time because it will give you the energy and strength to do everything else you need to do, and more. 

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