Gul suggests an open discussion on Lokpal Bill

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Gul Panag suggests an open discussion between government, the Anna team and the public on the Jan Lokpal Bill
Actress Gul Panag says that the GOI draft of the Lokpal Bill lacks punch, while Anna Hazare’s version of Jan Lokpal could be draconian. The actress has thus suggested something different.
“What is needed is an urgent open (perhaps televised) parliamentary /public debate on such a critical law. Not ultimatums for passing it,” she says. Explaining further, she says, “GOI draft of Lokpal definitely lacks punch, while Anna version of Jan Lokpal- no matter how well intentioned – has potential 2 b draconian A debate comprising of GOI, team Anna, eminent personalities and the public at large. Not just GOI vs ‘chosen few civil society’. There is need for a very strong anti corruption body. And the longer GOI takes to act, the stronger the public sentiment /movement becomes.”

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