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When Gul Panag gets her flying license this month, she fulfills a long cultivated dream, that of owing her own private airplane.
Currently in Punjab to complete the required number of flying hours for the private license, Gul has put everything else on hold to ensure she passes through the final test to take to the skies.
“Flying is a hobby I’m passionate about. And to get a flying license is the longest procedure. Thankfuly, I am finally getting my license,” she says. Gul has been busy with long flying hours, studying long theoretical notes, appearing for tests mandatory for the license. Once she has the license, the next best thing Gul wants to do is purchase an airplane, obviously. “A bunch of friends, my husband and I, who are passionate about flying, are going to pool in to buy an airplane…then of course there’s no stopping me,” she teases.
Gul has always been passionate about adventure sport and now with her pilot’s license, she becomes the first Bollywood actor to enter this perilous space. “People think I’m a cool person, though I really think I’m quite normal. Lot of my friends within the fraternity ask me how I find time to do so much else. But thankfully I can afford a rich, lucrative life outside films too since mujhe apne paise se ghar nahi chalana hai. Hence, I can afford not to be a slave to my job.”
Conflictingly enough, while Gul wouldn’t think long before jumping into any risky adventure sport, having achieved the status of a biker amidst other activities, she plays the field cautiously when it comes to choosing her films. And if they don’t fare well, she shrugs and decides to walk away in the satisfaction that she did her best.
Referring to her recent film opposite Ranvir Shorey that has received lukewarm response she says, “I choose not to be disappointed or happy, for that matter. If a film doesn’t do well, I tell myself that it was the best I could do. Ab uske baad woh chali ya nahin, I can’t control the outcome because my onus is only that of an actor…yet.”

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