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“I had a lot of fun shooting Turning 30 because every crew and cast member barring one person was under thirty when we started the film. I, my director, choreographer, and many other people turned 30 while shooting the film,” smiles Gul.

“Turning 30 is produced by Mr. Prakash Jha and you automatically associate that name with quality cinema. Turning 30 is one of India’s first chick-flicks and it is made for a specific target audience,” she informs.

“Turning 30 is a very urban phenomenon. By the time a modern or urban woman is thirty, she wants to be settled in her life be it work, relationship, marriage, or career wise. She also wants to have children as her biological click starts ticking. Women in villages and towns do not identify with this phenomenon because by the time they are thirty, they are married with two or three children,” she explains.

“This film is made only for metropolitan multiplex audiences. Alankrita Shrivastava has directed the film and she was very clear about her target audience. A lot of research went into determining the type of audience for the film. In fact, the promo was shown with Raajneeti only in select multiplexes. The small-budget film has a niche audience and will release when a suitable release date is decided upon,” signs off Gul.

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