How Gul Panag and Shruti Seth Aslam’s Festivelle is empowering women

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An event celebrating women trailblazers across disciplines

The discourse around female empowerment seems to be ever-transitioning. Of late, a pool of headstrong female voices is coming to the fore, and with movements like #MeToo steadfastly gaining momentum in India, there has never been a better time for events and collectives like Sheroes, We The Women and SheThePeople.TV, which celebrate the strength, courage and power that comes with womanhood. Another such event that seamlessly fits the bill is ‘Festivelle – Boss Lady’, a coming together of women across disciplines (think entrepreneurs, influencers, artists and more), which took place at Mumbai’s affluent A Club on the evening of November 17.

Essentially a ‘crowd-sourced cultural festival’, the event was an amalgam of entertainment and interaction, where women from different walks of life drove each other’s spirit and intellect over sparkling cocktails and wines.

Conceived and curated by television stars Gul Panag and Shruti Seth Aslam, it is no surprise that the event brimmed with the biggest voices of the country—think Red FM’s Malishka Mendonsa, Le15 Patisserie’s Pooja Dhingra, The Sassy Spoon’s Rachel Goenka, SheThePeople.TV’s Shaili Chopra, Pooja Makhija, Tara Sharma and the like.

The evening started off with women taking rounds introducing themselves and getting to know the others better. What made the do more special is a five-course dinner fused with fine spirits, which made for an intimate setting.

Panag briefly outlined the essence and intent of the event by saying, “We want to bring together women who have achieved the unthinkable by making their own rules of success. It is vital to discuss issues that women encounter on a daily basis and to challenge stereotypes that surround a woman’s identity. Some of the issues that continue to persist are—how women deal with a largely patriarchal environment, workplace biases, and how to combine motherhood and professional roles and requirements. The event was an open minded discussion where our Boss Ladies shared, how they have dealt with curveballs in the past and addressed such issues. The precursor to any change is dialogue, discussion and debate, and that’s what we are doing with Festivelle Boss Lady today.”

Scroll through for a look at some of the guests at the event:

Shweta Kunoor
Shunali Shroff
Roshni Chopra
Rasika Dugal
Nikhila Palat
Divya Palat
Caralisa Monteiro
Gul Panag and Shruti Seth Aslam, co-founders of Festivelle Boss Lady
Malishka Mendonsa

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