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Actor Gul Panag on her upcoming projects and the way her career is shaping up

Dor and Manorama Six Feet Under both earned glowing reviews, that must’ve made you happy?
People in the film industry recognised me as a good actor and praised my performance. I am quite happy with that. It is heartening to hear that my work has been consistently good in both the movies. Since then, I got a lot of offers—Hello, Summer 2007, Hello Darling, Straight and Phir Zindagi.

But apart from Parvati Balagopalan’s Phir Zindagi and Straight, all of them are multi-starrers…
That’s not in my hands as the trend these days is multi-starrer movies. I don’t have a problem doing such movies as long as the role and storyline are interesting.

What are you doing in Summer 2007?
I play an affluent girl, Vishaka, who is very upright and doesn’t hesitate to talk her heart out. Her friends call her Mother Teresa. I enjoyed doing it as it was something different and very challenging too.

How was it working with Sikander Kher?
Since the movie revolved around five best friends, our director Suhail Tatari, wanted us to be the close pals even before our shooting. We rehearsed a lot. I have known Sikander for eight years and hence there was a comfort quotient between us. I always knew he was an excellent actor but his first shot was beyond my expectation. He was great.

Rumours of the two of you dating abound…
I don’t wish to talk about my personal life. It is too private.

This year you have a mixed bag role—comedy, drama, thriller. Don’t you wish to create a particular image?
I want to be known as someone who is competent to doing all kinds of roles. I don’t wish to be stereotyped as a sex symbol or even a comedy queen.

Apart from films, are we going to see you in theatre or TV?
As of now, my hands are full with many films; I have signed an international project and a Bollywood comedy. But may be later I might do some theatre.

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