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Talk is that you’ve got a hot and sexy new avatar. What’s motivated the change?
I was never ever the sari clad one. It’s important to not confuse what I play on screen with the real Gul. I have always been this way, it’s the way people look at me that’s changed.

There is a long love making scene between you and Sharman Joshi in Hello. Could you tell us about it?
The scene is in a car outside a night club and it is picturised just as in the script of the movie, not more or no less. It’s a very humourous scene.

Tell us about the character you play in this film…
I play an assertive, glamourous and very grey character called Priyanka. She’s faced with the eternal choice between love and practicality and chooses practicality like most modern urban young Indian women.

What are you currently working on?
I have completed work on straight with Vinay Pathak. And Rajat Kapoor’s rectangular love story with Purab, Ranvir and Neil. I have few days of work left on Hello Darling.

What in essence, would be your ideal role?
Playing Aamir khan’s character in Dil Chahta Hai — as a chick, of course.

People still link you with Sikandar Kher. Is it on or off?
I can’t take responsibility for what people like to think. And my personal life is personal, not something I’d like to use to be in the news.

How has your army background upbringing helped you vis a vis discipline in life?
I am what I am only because of my father’s career in the Indian army. It has instilled in me a sense of self discipline, commitment and a very strong value system. Above all, due to constantly being on the move, I am able to adjust to almost all situations.

What’s your take on skin show and the like in Bollywood today?
People are free to do what they are comfortable doing. It’s totally a matter of choice. I have the highest respect for choices individuals make.

Would you do a bikini scene like Bo Derek?
Why not?

What are your other interests apart from acting?
Reading, trekking, mountain biking, rafting and other outdoor sports and paleontology.

Is there any message you’d like to give to your young fans out there?
Celebrate your individuality. Be unique and don’t blend in.

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