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Bollywood actress and ex Miss India, Gul Panag, has a unique sense of style. Unlike other Bollywood babes who’d shriek at the thought of breaking a nail, Gul likes to play rough. She rides bikes and sports denims and t-shirts most of the time. However, the actress says she isn’t really a fashionista and likes to wear what makes her feel comfortable.
We catch up with Fatso star, Gul Panag, to find out her take on fashion and beauty.
Define your style…
My style is mostly casual. I believe in being practical. I also believe in clothes being comfortable. I pick clothes that are easy to wear daily. And luckily, I don’t have any areas that I need to hide.
Are you an impulsive shopper?
I am not an impulsive shopper at all. At least 90% of my shopping is done by my husband. He buys things when he goes out and he knows exactly what I want. I enter a shop and I know exactly what I want to buy and what I like. Also, at shoots, we have stylists who pick up the clothes and accessories for me. They do their research and homework, so I’m happy to wear the clothes they choose.
Do you have a personal stylist?
I don’t. Stylists do make you look good but I am honestly not a fashionista. I usually go to Anita Dongre’s store because I’ve been closely associated with her in the past and admire her designs. People working with me know what I like so I don’t have to struggle too much with picking clothes.
Five wardrobe must-haves:
A good black shirt. It can look formal as well as casual.
Funky t-shirts paired with denims.
A good pair of denims, you always need them.
A pair of classy brogue shoes.
A good pair of sunglasses. I love Ray-Ban aviators.

Five essential beauty items:
Wear sunscreen no matter what the weather.
Hand sanitiser and tissues. It comes in handy in a polluted city like Mumbai.
A nice perfume.
A lip balm to keep your lips hydrated and well moisturised.
A Swiss knife. You can shape your nails and do other things with it.
Gul’s style tips
Don’t be a victim of fashion. What looks good in photographs may not necessarily look good on you. Always purchase clothes you feel comfortable in.
Be confident of yourself. It’s more important how you feel in your clothes. Everyone has their own style. For instance, you can’t carry off a biker chick outfit if you don’t feel like one.
Get clothes that are classic. They never go out of style and they are versatile.
Always keep your personality in mind before buying anything.
Wear clothes that flatter your body type.
Always dress according to the weather and occasion. I obviously can’t go to an Indian wedding in a nice little black dress.
Make sure you wear comfortable shoes. You are not going to look perfect if you cannot walk properly.
I personally love getting plain t-shirts with a message on them. It’s more like a personal statement that you make through clothes.
Try and be a little adventurous. It’s fun adding something quirky or funky to your everyday look. A leather bag, a funky jacket or a wild accessory serves as an icing to your look.
Favourite style icons:
In Hollywood, it’s Rachel Weisz. I like the way she carries herself. In Bollywood, I admire Rekha’s style.
My favorite designers:
I like designers Anita Dongre, Mandira Wirk and Urvashi Kaur. — HRM

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