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Bollywood stars have taken a special liking to Twitter. If you have been active on Twitter for any length of time, you’d have noticed and interacted with Bollywood celebs such as Gul Panag, Celina Jaitly, Karan Johar, Dino Morea, Priyanka Chopra, and the new entrant Imran Khan. Twitter is yet to verify some of the Indian celebrity accounts, but the HeadlinesIndia team got in touch with Gul Panag She was probably the first verified Indian celebrity on Twitter. In a telephonic interview with Gul we came to know what brought her to the micro blogging platform and how much she enjoys tweeting.
The web development company Webonautics introduced Gul Panag to Twitter. “With 13-14 hours of shooting, it would have been difficult me to be a regular blogger. Webonautics, the company that developed my webpage, asked me try out Twitter.” Micro blogging is easier on her schedule and can be done at any time, explained Gul. “People on Twitter have been really helpful too.” Gul mentioned Nithin KD as one of the persons on Twitter who made her feel comfortable and provided useful tips on micro blogging. Twilightfairy was another person Gul mentioned specifically. Infact, sometime back, Gul Panag and twilightfairy had spent some time together over a tweetup.
It does appear as if Gul enjoys tweeting as much as any other Tweeple would, but we decided to put the question to her. “I get to express myself, an outlet to voice my opinion. It’s also a lot of fun. You get to know people and interact with your fans. There’s a lot of humour involved, and sometimes it’s at other’s expense.”, Gul quipped.
HeadlinesIndia wondered if more Bollywood celebrities are going to join Twitter any time soon. “Of course, those who want to reveal their true-self, will be prompt in joining the micro blogging service. Traditionally, stars have not been too comfortable letting people know who they really are, but others would not hesitate to start tweeting.”, Gul replied.
Gul Panag’s father, Lt Gen H S Panag, is also an active Twitterer. Her mother, who is in the UK, has a Twitter account, but is not quite regular. Gul’s brother has so far managed to stay away from the Twitter phenomenon.
For any person who travels a lot, Twitter turns out to be a fantastic tool to stay in touch with the family. Bollywood celebs, perhaps, are not any different. HeadlinesIndia would love to get in touch with others and find out.

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