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I use several gadgets, but my favourite is my alarm clock. I’ve had it for two years

TOCK TIME… I am quite a gadget fan and use several gadgets to make life simpler. My favourite gizmo is an alarm clock. It is a brand called Clocky and I have had it for two years now. It comes in only one colour – white – as far as I know.

CHASING THE CLOCK… The clock is fitted with wheels. It’s like any other alarm clock, except for the fact that as soon as it rings and you press ‘snooze’, it runs away. So you have to run around to catch it and put it off.

WAKE UP CALL… This is one alarm clock that I have to wake up to because once it rings, it just runs away. You can’t just get up, press ‘snooze’ and go back to sleep. If you press the ‘snooze’, it takes a different route each time and hides itself. So it forces you to get up. It is a sure way to wake you up.

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