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Former Miss India and Bollywood actor Gul Panag, who is known to be a fitness enthusiast, believes in having a robust lifestyle but maintains that she doesn’t blindly follow a fitness routine.
“My fitness mantra is adaptability. I keep in mind that I need to do 45 minutes of intense physical activity a day, whether I am travelling or whether it is raining. And so I adapt my fitness plan according to the situation,” Gul said in an interview. “I take into account how my body is feeling on any given day and don’t blindly follow a routine for the sake of it,” she added.
The actor, who has been part of films like Dhoop, Dor, Manorama Six Feet Under, Hello Darling and Turning 30, feels that gymming is not the only way to stay fit, there are other outdoor options available too.
“There are a countless options other than gymming to stay fit. Taking the stairs, choosing to walk whenever possible, cycling, running etc, all help,” she said. “In fact if one chooses an active lifestyle, one doesn’t need to sweat it out in a gym.”
The 32-year-old, who recently tied the knot with her longtime boyfriend Rishi Attari, opined that ideally five days of workout is good enough for a healthy lifestyle. This gives the body two days to rest.
Along with physical exercise, the nature of diet is also of prime importance and Gul feels that binging is a strict no-no. “What you eat is very important. I adapt my daily intake of food to the weather, location and my activity levels. I eat sensibly and don’t binge,” she said. The actor specified that women need to take extra care when they are working out. “Right attire and support is very important, especially for high impact exercises. Women need to bear in mind that after a certain age, there is loss in bone density and they need to focus on strength training,” she said. -IANS 

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