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Make sure you see an old place differently
You don’t always have to go to new places. There’s plenty to see in a place you’ve been to before, and every time you visit, you can see it through new eyes. “I visit London every summer since we have a family home there,” says Gul. “This time around, I spent time in a very interesting part of London called Shoreditch. It was a refreshing change for me from the usual places I stay at in the city. Even though I have been going there for the past few years, I still hadn’t explored this part of London. Wherever I travel, I make sure I visit a place I haven’t seen before.”

Get out of your comfort zone
You may enjoy travelling with just one set of friends or only going on luxurious holidays. But mix it up every once in a while so you have all kinds of experiences. “I try and do one adventure trip, one relaxation trip and one city-focused trip, every year,” says Gul. “Places like Milan, Paris, Vienna and Prague are my usual destinations for the city-focused trips. I spend at least four days exploring a city. The relaxation trip could be anywhere, a beach destination or maybe a place like Ladakh or Switzerland—someplace where I can just put my feet up and chill. The adventure trip involves my bike or my car.”

Don’t be afraid to travel alone
Gul is a big believer in travelling solo. “I have been to Milan, Amsterdam and Moscow alone. That’s when I need some time off and stay alone for a while. It’s more city-specific because cities are more organised. They are essentially meant to (help you) spend time with yourself. I feel solo trips help me discover more about myself.”

Always be prepared
Gul believes in always being ready for any emergency while travelling. She goes on several road trips and hits the road regularly in her customised 4×4. “Though I have no issues repairing punctures or changing tyres, I make sure the vehicle is fully serviced before I leave,” she says. “Also, I always make it a point to have company—solitary road trips in India canbe very unsafe. I travel with at least one more car or with four-five people. This way, we can explore off-roading options and campwhere wewant to.”

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