When Gul Panag got an SMS from railway pantry!

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Recently, bubbly actress Gul Panag was taken aback with a strange SMS from a railway pantry, which had a detailed description of menu. Gul soon turned to her fans on twitter, to discuss the reason behind such a weird happening.  
Gul explained in detail about the message she received on her cell phone, on the micro-blogging site. “Pt-1 CR Pantry Rates in Rs Janta Khana 10;Tea 3;Dip Tea 4;Coffee 5;Water Btle 12(Tax incl)Veg b/fast 17 NV b/fast 20;Veg Meal 30 NV Meal 35 (sic),” she tweeted. 
No sooner did Gul mention about it, than her fan quickly replied, “This is what happens when you share your number on IRCTC website. They pass it on to Railway (RLY) caterers: p #spam. Talk about data confidentiality, Ohh I have been getting SMSes from the railway pantry too (sic),” the fan adds. 
To which, Gul replied by saying, “Got the same SMS. I was wondering how they got hold of my number? You may be right, must be through IRCTC.co.in (sic).”

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