Why did Katrina Kaif apologise: Gul Panag

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Katrina Kaif had compared her half-Indian-half-European ethnicity to that of Rahul Gandhi’s, upsetting members of the Congress party. Subsequently, she apologised for her comments.
Gul Panag, however, couldn’t understand why she had to apologise. She tweeted: ‘Katrina had to apologize on ‘half-indian’ comment on RG. Why?’
And when a fan questioned Katrina’s intentions, she wrote back: ‘bad intentions? She was being questioned about about her “half indian ” status. She said she isn’t the only one!’
Author Chetan Bhagat also supported Katrina. ‘for those who are question (sic) Katrina’s credibility, well she has achieved more than you ever will. In any case, do you need a PhD genetics expert level credibility to make a comment on someone being mixed-race?’ he wrote.

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